CGI for me!



Very true. At £1500 they were great fun.

At £10k they’re not.


Why not get a smart watch, then you can change the watch face every day?


I’m sober as a judge and it’s even more shit without the blissful numbing effect of lovely, lovely alcohol.

Have a word with yerself, Jim!

On something of a tangent, somewhat to my surprise, I find we have a local watchmaker -

Surprisingly sane prices too, and certainly tick the rarity box - not sure any of the styles are quite what you’re looking for though…

This thread needs more Dom…


Is in Stamford too.


This is rather elegant but at 36mm probably not best for @Jim. I could wear this.

At 41mm this would probably suit…


Hmmmm, not sure I’d want a watch that reminded me of @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion every time I looked at it! :thinking:


Fair point well made…






I’m really loving this Oris - Oh god the temptation to spend moar!! :dizzy_face:


That is nice, very nice !


That’s stunning Jim ! How much is it?




Yeah, that would qualify as a minor overspend :slight_smile:


£4K delivered and


Saving you about £700 @Jim if that is the right watch. It is the nicest thing posted in the thread so far BTW.


It’s actually an Artelier 113, which is a bit more…

I posted the rong back - the 113 back is very similar


Something a touch cheaper and more tasteful (in my opinion)

Longine Heritage 1945


Just get this