45mm is too big Gregg


You’re not helping yourself, are you ?


Sorry. You did say 42 and bigger.


Lovely. I have a 1958 stainless steel Longines Flagship that was my father’s watch.




Thing is, the insurance is paying out a hell of a lot more than I was expecting :heart_eyes:

I did mention that new-for-old policies are great ! (Except the premiums obvs)


£4 buys an awful lot of watch.

A brief search on Chrono24 for £2k to £4k, 40-42mm, located in the UK, JLC or IWC threw up

A nice Inge

or Portofino

Portofino chronograph

Actually, there are boatloads of Portofino.


£4k obvs, not £4. That won’t buy a pint.




What you waiting for, then ? Dive in.


42mm, thin bezel, in house movement (not outhouse movement, that’s something entirely different), infinitely higher quality than the Oris


And it’s in Southampton, so (IIRC) @thebiglebowski can check it out for you.


WRT the Speedy pro above - I have one that you’re welcome to borrow if you want to road test it.

I think I may have it on a truly offensive NATO strap at the moment but that would just avoid the pain of resizing the bracelet.


I have one, and a Flightmaster. The Speedy pro is probably my favourite watch. Recommend what you have, OP ignores, that’s how these things work right?


Sorry, “you” was referring to @Jim, so the offer still stands, but of course you @edd9000 would also be welcome, although it would be a bit pointless.


Gotcha, you replied to my post you see :slight_smile:


That’s my dream watch. I’m 50 next year, Claire will absolutely not buy me one, so I’m considering selling the Ducati to get one…


They can be had quite reasonablely second hand, mine is the basic 80s model with naff bracelet and 861 movement.


Not as reasonable as I expected, but still a good deal cheaper than new.


Ditto on the loaner offer.

And as @edd9000 says, don’t sell the bike, and don’t under any circumstances but new from a high street jeweller.