Speedmaster needs a service, broken mainspring I think, I was going to try and send it to Dom at some point.


That Flightmaster is 10 kinds of awesum.


Current daily wearer/beater, Invicta Grand Diver 47mm, Seiko auto movement, I have a soft spot for anything Mickey, came in a mad case, $89 :slight_smile:


When you say Speedy pro Guy, Do you mean the Zenith? If so, cheers for the very kind offer.

One of the watches nicked in the burglary was a Zenith The other was a Breguet.

Tbh, not sure what I’m going to buy yet…it’s nice browsing all of the possibilities though!




I am due to pick my Rolex up from Dom’s new place on Saturday. Spring went, so it has had a service.


Can someone tell me where this is? I have an IWC Mark XII that has personality issues and needs sorting out (before being sold). I’d like to take it to Dom rather than getting bum-raped by IWC.


Look up Heptinstalls.


Got it, cheers.


You need a cheap watch Jim around £1000 remember?


Just think about that for a while


It was what Jim said his target price was. My recommendation was £59!




Yep, I am a cheapskate…:grin:

No fucking fish puns! :smirk:


Don’t worry, we won’t dredge any more up.


We have drained the lake on those.


Long time: no sea :+1:


Obviously all these puns will tide us over until a flood of real humour in the shit jokes thread.



Have you considered a Bolox?


AVI - 8