Still not decided, but this is currently topping the list of possibilities;


Far more sensible:


But is it £189?


No :wink:


So much for the budget, lol…



I like it. It’s shite and I wouldn’t wear it but I like it.


Your first choice is nicer.


Do you mean the Continental Gregg?


The Oris Power Reserve 10 day.


I agree.


Me also.


I think I marginally prefer the Oris’ looks too, but there’s not much in it for me, I like both.

Kev mentioned brand recognition, and in this respect, they’re miles apart.

If Swiss watch firms were football teams, Zenith would be near the top of the PL and Oris would be in Div 1.


Oris were a budget watch in the 50’s but Siro was their bargain basement brand. I had one.



The other one is just too busy for me.


But the Oris isn’t? :thinking:


But the Oris isn’t?

You indicated a preference for the Zenith. I think the one I picked, is less busy, than the one you choose, and a few others preferred the Oris to your Zenith.
It is a very personal choice, and it is yours to make.


Too subtle, should be gold and encrusted in diamonds.


Want. Badly.


I want this one: