And one of these:

And one of these:




Begone from my thread you.


Chrono24 is dangerous.


Tell me about this watch, oh learned ones. There’s one for sale near me and I kinda like the look of it.


desirable watches


Very nice! Early 1950s, Rolex Oyster case with an off-the-shelf ETA hand-wound movement. Tiny by todays standards though, I think these are 31 mm.


Cheers! The small case is actually a selling point for me :slightly_smiling_face:


31 mm ? That’s not a watch, it’s a mole.




Should have bought the one I sold on here a while back :smile:

Actually, not identical, mine didn’t have the odd open dial thing, but near as dammit.


Yes I know :man_facepalming:


Sheep at twice the price


Just been down to pick it up from its service. Nice to have it back.


Did you piss on it?




not much of a service, it’s already running 10 minutes slow


They told me they set it to be accurate twice a day.


More likely timing a wank and the watch copped the wad.


Want. Badly.

Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Box Papers UNWORN for £5,595 for sale from…

Yes, I agree Wayne, that’s why when I found (a new, boxed) one today for under £4k, I clicked the buy button…:heart_eyes:


Wow, all that cash and still not enough to pay for a dial without holes in it! :open_mouth: