We are trialling a new forum landing page


Can the landing page be user personalised, fucking bored of continually having to select ‘latest’ in the drop down menu :poop:


Unfortunately not, it seems.


Can you change it back then :pray:


Noooo, I like it’s the besterest.


Thank you Chumpy :angry:


No, you haven’t moaned enough yet.


We’ll look into that, but essentially the entire right hand column is the same thing as before. The only downside is that it doesn’t display on mobile phones.


Can we keep the swearing to the odd bloody please. Or keep it for the show us your baps thread



Guess what I’m viewing on :smirk:


My phone is so old that this site won’t display at all on it!


My fault! Since when have you taken any notice of anything I do? I blame @Rob998 for his spectacular services to inter-forum diplomacy and late-night drinking for the carnage. The folks who moaned about the layout here were interested in the earlier discussions about pork FYI.



What layout, it was random, who are these moaners of something that was perfection in its purest form?


Buggered if I know. Ask @Wayward or @Rob998 who are clearly responsible for this mess or that BMW driving all-round do-gooder @browellm who made the changes.



I don’t like it - but I assume normality will be resumed if I just bookmark the “latest” page


I just want latest.

The rest is wee


fuck this I’m going back to the wam, at least their web page is well laid out.


Can we not get some adverts?

Don’t care what it is,chinos,farahs,flip flops,ironing board covers etc


I don’t mind it, but seeing as it’s my fault, apparently,


There are a plenty of members who could be called Pat Butcher.:laughing: