Weird Food Combinations that Work...maybe. (We've moved on from Hot Cross Buns)


It may be right but it’s in the wrong thread you bearded tit. :slight_smile:



Even if it wasn’t one of the most poorly conceived bits of trolling to arrive here, that picture should serve as a reminder:

DON’T FEED THE TROLL (and don’t eat anything he offers you either)

Disgraceful. A fall from the pedestal of pie facilitation to the sewer of Sriracha.



Don’t talk to me about wrong - that should be in the twitchers thread!


A trolley full of Troll.


Excellent choice. :rofl:


He’ll be posting pics of a twin platter TT next.




Corrected because alliteration is always a win


Last batch fresh out of the oven, kids wanted glazed so I relented and…




Translated: the kids, as with the rest of the World, were right. I was Rong™ :+1:


Yep, it’s a fair cop :policeman:
The glaze is delicious :yum: dark rum, milk and muscavado sugar boiled until caramelised.


Bloody bourgeois glaze.


Pre slicing

Pre toasting

Pre eating :heart_eyes:

We have truly cracked the HxB with this batch, they are delicious, if I could guarantee consistency I would pull the kids out of school and start a bakery where the staff are paid in sweets and iPad time :+1:


I for one would eat the fuck out of that, ain’t even trollin’, bitches!


Yep, the wickle bun-baking winceyette pantywaists said I was twolling their thread. :roll_eyes: but I was posting a pic of a hot cross bun in a hot cross bun thread…so what the actual fuck! :unamused:


We do seem to have some flavour-dodging girlymen mincing about here just lately :roll_eyes:


Had two HCBs left over and needed bacon this morning. Combined the two with a dash of brown, nuff said.


Some people just want to watch the world burn.


Yep, specially that @htm_1968 - he’s always been an arse on ist…