Weird Food Combinations that Work...maybe. (We've moved on from Hot Cross Buns)


Fuck yes!! :grinning:
One of my personal faves is garlicy smoked sausage such as kielbasa and strong cheddar on HCB.



That is enough from you, you sausage deviant.


You do nice work sir :+1:

I have a pack-of-4 and some thin-sliced smoked streaky set aside for a midweek episode of filth and debauchery…




Hmmmm [contemplates HCB with Gentleman’s Relish] :thinking:


Looks like cheese.


Smell it, watch it


For breakfast this morning I had the, on paper, abomination of an HCB with a slab of Stornoway black pudding on each side. Fucking excellent combo. The fruit in the HCB helps to balance the fattiness of the black pudding and butter, and the spiciness of each complements the other half beautifully.

I am clearly a pervert.




Great nommage has been had and I have teh envy :+1:


Feckin’ deviants…



It’s the summer. Have a word with yourself.


Inspired by Jon’s efforts - smoked streaky bacon and maple HXBs for lunch:


This opens up whole new vistas - tripe trifle, ‘summer and black’ pudding, chocolate-coated salami, liver paté pavlova . Why did no-one think of it before ? You know … maybe there’s a reason for that ?

Just because we can make something, that doesn’t necessarily mean we should





It’s a slippery slope. And can only end badly.


This looks all right

But I remain to be convinced that it would be improved by having three or four Cadbury’s creme eggs melted flat and slid into the stack.



Funny really when I consider you come from the land of Lincolnshire Plum Loaf - basically a spicier, fruitier HXB intended to accompany cheese (which it does very well of course)…


Meat. Cheese.

Cheese. Meat.

Sticky bun.

If you listen very carefully that noise you’ll hear is old Tommy Bycroft spinning in his grave

My cousin was a slaughterman at Bycroft’s when they still did their own killing, and my aunt worked behind the counter for years.



Don’t give these monsters any further ideas.