Weird Food Combinations that Work...maybe. (We've moved on from Hot Cross Buns)


No, but that’s because the Cream Egg is the wrong sort of thing to try and add, you’re taking an item that is already going to feel very fatty on the mouth and adding a shed load more fat (plus a ton of sugar). It would destroy the balance.

What might work is maybe changing some of the standard acidic components (gherkins, mustard, ketchup, tomato, onion) for something that also brings that level of acidity. It’s partly why people started adding pineapple to burgers and gammon, although imho they are generally too invasive a flavour. Get too much balance and you start to destroy the umami flavours that really make the dish sing.


I’ve moved onto scones


And rightly so. :+1:


Cheese, fruit or plain?




anchovy scones? I have a very nice recipe (Gary Rhodes, I think) for a beef stew topped off with anchovy scones


Until I get bored with jam and clotted cream,I think I’ll give it a miss


Hmmm… I have some nice stewing beef and a slew of smoked oysters that I plan to en-pudding soon - some anchovies in the suet crust would be killah, innit?

Must be said we do bloody well for good butchers in this area. People around here still appreciate a nice hunk of Meat - and the bready, yeasty, fruity, spicy baked goods to accompany it with… :wink:


Feckin’ bun trolls and baked goods abusers everywhere. Decadence foreshadowing the end-times delivered by the tiny orange fingers of doom, no doubt.



Not sure about it combining well with the oysters, but beef + prunes in a stew is a winning combination.


Beef and oyster pudding is very much a traditional British recipe - there’s a (crap) version in Mrs Beeton’s. I usually make a stout or porter based gravy - the flavours hang together an absolute treat :+1:


There is a delicacy in Scotland that still makes me all unnecessary just at the memory of it as I loved it so much…fruity pudding.

Bet this tasted similar… I might go up to Ayrshire tomorrow, have some then come back.


we’ll be cooking the beef stew in red wine with anchovy scones on Sunday.


Had that - Kenny Kerr usually brings some when he visits - fucking lush with a fryup :+1:

See you Sunday then :+1:


I think scones should be the next thing. :+1:


They will be until some cunt puts marmite on one


That’s betterer.


You called?

I have much better stuff than marmite for scones


Hot cross bun and haggis ?



How about Haggis Scones.

Now these curry spiced scones are delicious

Who’d have thought it, Haggis Scones are a thing