Weird phone call - scam?

Received a call about 9.30 last night from a mobile number. I answered as I was expecting a call from a colleague. The caller stated they were a police officer looking to track someone down who was listed at an address where I once lived 20 years ago.

I simply stated that I hadn’t lived there for 20 odd years and thought nothing of it. The caller then thanked me for my time and hung up.

Seems like an attempted scam?

Or debt collector

I’d have thought a genuine police officer would have offered some information on exactly who they were, rank, and station, and to have called in normal business hours - but presumably @dom could cast some light on that.

Some security info seems to be based on former addresses, so if it was some kind of scammer, you’ve confirmed what they wanted to know, though it seems pretty tenuous. I’d keep an eye on your accounts for suspicious activity for a bit.

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They opened with that, but it went in one ear and out the other.

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Then, as above, maybe debt collector :man_shrugging:

I feel your pain, brother…

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Hello i am PC Blah at Bridewell Station, i am calling in relation to yada yada.

Pretty standard start to a phone enquiry.

Office hours, um no.

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Is that…

“No” as in “No, they don’t limit their enquiries to office hours”…?

Yup, reasonable hours around shifts.
If im on a late and have an enquiry to make then ill make a call. Probably not after 9pm though.

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Call was on your landline?

Nope. Mobile. This is what made me think scam. Current mobile number, but not current address…

Especially as I have reported 2 burglaries from my current address since we have been here.

If you had a collar number you could possibly follow it up.
Either way it sounds like you gave no info so nothing to worry about.


I use my work mobile to call people who I think won’t abuse my number, or when I’m out. As penance said, I’m blah from blah are you blah? No k thx bye.


Did you give them your name or did they know your name already?

I think they knew my name. Difficult to recall exactly.

Be careful, they now have your name, number and current address. Next call you get from them, you’re at home, even if you’re not.

Ring then back from a different number, see who answers.

They may well have my current address but I didn’t give it to them.

That’s ok then. If still try ringing then back, that’s just because I trust no one I don’t know on a phone call.