What albums have you bought lately?


I thought he had left the country after the Sir Phillip Green ‘incident’. Nice to see he avoided the authorities in Bermuda.


Even less comment. I’m going to have to ask you leave, or you leave me no alternative but to call security and have you removed, forcibly if required.

Now fuck off.


:slightly_smiling_face: You are raising my gloom. Stop this now.


Goat Girl - Goat Girl. Ltd lilac vinyl with fanzine.

I like a fanzine I do. I did one in the '80’s called The Wonder Book of Pop. I printed it out on the photocopier in my mums office. I sold 26 copies of the 200 I printed. I just about covered the cost of the Letraset, Dymo tape, postage of questionnaires to bands (and return postage) and Pritt sticks. Got a couple of free records from Mighty Mighty and The Close Lobsters though.


Wassat then ?


See edit Mike. Ltd edition coloured vinyl. Right up your street mate. Not sure about the music, but you’ll love the wax…:wink:


Don’t want it. Not in to that shit anymore !




Feigns indifference and sticks his nose in the air, whilst whispering ‘cnut’ under his breath.


'Nother Black Saint - Soul Note box set.



Great haul - Back Stabbers is an absolute classic :ok_hand:


Finally got around to actually buying these.

FLAC from Bandcamp.


Another annoyingly good haul
Rufusized just utterly glorious


Recent arrival…

Double 45RPM vinyl.


Turns out my rum fuelled self managed to get control of my bank card and order the Jimi Hendrix ‘Axis bold as love’ Analogue Productions UHQR stereo foo press last night :roll_eyes:




I bought 24/192 versions of Hunk Dory & Ziggy Stardust from HD Tracks. Be interesting to hear how those sound put onto R2R at 7.5 ips. They sound decent off the computer. Haven’t rigged it up to play them through the system yet.


Thundercat, Drunk, 10 inch red vinyl



Wandered into Rough Trade this afternoon, and wandered out again with a couple of Carlton Melton LPs



I think I’ve caught @MJ2 s coloured vinyl addiction… :scream: