What albums have you bought lately?



One for Lopwell :+1:


Excellent. I love a Bond theme I do.


Sometimes I just can’t help myself!! :blush:

Polar Bear : “In each & every one” 2014

Polar Bear : “Same as You” 2015

Both on CD & both from Discogs “Same as You” is a brand new promo copy, direct from the Leaf label @ v nice price.



A present from Lou arrived in the post!



Not a bad track on it


Sonic Jesus - Grace



@browellm /Mark. I think this guy & his cohorts might be up your street, especially as I’ve seen some comparisons made with Beirut.

Anyhoo sounds good to me, soo I’ve taken a punt on t’ following albums.>>

Jeremy Barnes/A Hawk & a Hacksaw : "A Hawk & a Hacksaw"



A bewitching cacophony of accordion, tape hiss, piano and woodwind…organic looseness recalls the likes of Boards of Canada. – Leeds Guide, 2-17 June 2004

This could quite happily score a silent film involving distraught circus owners…A small and perfectly formed masterpiece. – Plan B Magazine online, 01 June 2004

This is a shifting, inquisitive record with a sunny disposition, full of melody and invention. – Mojo Magazine, July 2004

This is an exquisite and fully formed beast. – Flux Magazine, June 2004

This sounds rather like a mute and frazzled Tom Waits let loose in a barnyard. Bold and scattily brilliant. – Time Out, June 30-July 7 2004



A Hawk & a Hacksaw : "Délivrance"


Good reviews can be found for all these albums on the all music guide & mostly positive customer reviews on Amacuntz. A bit quirky & somewhat up my street I would think.

All on CD.


Has bird on cover = winner. (browellm’s law) :+1:


I’ve got the You have already gone to another world LP.
They played on Beiruts Gulag Orkestar LP.


Cheers Matt, yes I’d seen some mention of them playing on one of the Beirut albums, couldn’t remember which one.

I came across them when trawling through the Leaf Records storefront on Discogs.


Good album that :+1:


Thanks for the reco Chris. I am enjoying these. Anything Beirut-y is always up my strasse.


Really like this new Starsailor album that features 11 varied songs. Nothing prior from them has really got me interested until I had the chance to spin this a few times on a long-haul flight. Highly recommended. Now bought on vinyl :slight_smile:



Basquiat Strings : “Basquiat Strings & Seb Rochford” (2007)


A Hawk & a Hacksaw : “Cervantine” (2011)


Both on CD.


One that has been on my must git 'round to list for a fairly lengthy period. >>

Andrea Vicari with Dorian Lockett & Seb Rochford : “Tryptych” (2004)


Both on CD.


Acoustic Ladyland : “Camouflage” ( 2004)

Acoustic Ladyland : “Last Chance Disco” (2005)


Acoustic Ladyland : “Skinny Grin” (2006)


All on CD.