What albums have you bought lately?


Loved these down the Hare and Hounds tonight.












That’s an excellent album :+1:


Came to him via the Dave Pike Set. I also have Inside: Missing Link, which is pretty good.


I went straight to him via a couple of Japanese guitarists. This album specifically…

I then discovered Dave Pike :smile:


Zone Six: Live Spring 2017 which looks like this in the flesh:


Electric Moon: Live at Epplehaus which looks like this in the flesh:

Both bought from Bandcamp, although Dave has copies at Sulatron.de too.

The Zone Six I had as a download, this is the first vinyl pressing. I’ve not heard the Electric Moon LP yet. Should be good as all Dave’s stuff be it as Zone Six, Krautzone, Electric Moon or Sula Basanna is top quality.


Stop it. You are going to cost me more money!


I haven’t bought much for ages as I’ve been really crapped out. This was a treat as I have man 'flu on top of the yellow.


3 x 180g vinyls :+1:





Got this today,sounds very good


Caudal - Fight, Cry, Fight



Plus I hoovered up some of their shop returned back issues!


Yeah, I got the Kill West one I was missing, too :+1: