What albums have you bought lately?


New one out next month!!


Few LPs pulled out the local record shop the other day -


Plenty Bond :+1:


Mono copy of Goldfinger is lovely :+1:


Pre ordered Marbled Vinyl (so it’ll sound shit)



Love The Go-Betweens so will check them out.:+1:


If somebody wants to donate £10 to me, I’ve got a NM / NM copy of this they can have.



Is it any good!?


It is according to the above comments :smiley:


Green Druid - Ashen Blood


Plus a replacement copy of…




Umming and arring about that one. Pretty expensive when you factor in postage :confused:


Get pissed and buy it


Vinyl (of course!)



Zubop : “Free Wheeling” (1993)


Zubop : “Cycle City” (1994)


Zubop : “Gambia” rec’d live at Ronnie Scott’s (2003)

All on CD.


Quite a tasty little selection I reckon. The Monk in particular, I’m really lookin’ forward to. Supposedly one of the best Jazz releases from last year & a rarity that had languished unreleased since being recorded in 1959.

Thelonious Monk : “Les Liasons Dangereuses” soundtrack (1960) double CD box-set


All on CD.


A few LPs, been after an early copy of Voices of East Harlem for a while.




Boy Harsher - Yr Body Is