What albums have you bought lately?


Half an hour in the record shop yesterday managed to find these


Velvets Loaded. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Very tidy '72 UK press.


Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sex and Food

@crimsondonkey Great album, loads of Prince influence here. Love it.


UMO have really changed their sound, i didn’t like the last one but I’ll give it a go,






both the fault of that fucker @Stepmotheratomicbomb

Twunt !


Returned to the shop today as the record was very badly dished and noisy. Turns out that it wasn’t just the copy I bought. The replacement copy is slightly dished but usable, plus it is signed by the artists. I also got a free CD copy, which was nice.



Eight years since the last LP. This a pre-order for release September 7th. London gig announced for 21st September and a gig in Paris on 23rd. Now I have to avoid listening to any leaks etc before the LP comes out. :cold_sweat:

Details here:


sounds very nice, how’s the vinyl pressing?


7 out of 10 fairly reasonable for a new release.


Not that taken by what I’ve heard so far tbh.


Granted it is nowhere near the peaks of ‘Laser Guided Melodies’ and/or ‘Pure Phase’, but it is going to be a Spiritualized LP, and that means gig and other nice stuff. All of this is a good thing.


They peaked with “Anyway that you want me” :grinning:

Seriously though, I used to love seeing them play.
I’ve enjoyed some of the solo/small form collabs Jason’s done from time to time, but the main albums don’t say much to me.
I’m not sure how much more Best-of-SM3 concerts I can take from Pete-please something new or an EAR gig…but anyway…
Actually, his Spaceman 2 gig in London worked well for me and their set was a bit more mellow than usual for it.


Extra £14 for a cardboard box, a 24 page booklet and some orange vinyl colouring?



Not for me.
Download and cd thrown in would be better. As the standard one has the download I’m happy. Unless it’s mp shite


My thoughts too.


I’ll probably end up with the plain version too because reasons.



Like the track on the link but suspect that quality will vary on the full length album. If it gets to double figure plays on Tidal then I might buy a plain standard edition.


I love orange.

Not yellow!


A visit to Wanted Records in Bristol, always a danger to the wallet. One I’ve been after a while with a nigh on mint record inside the Zippo style cover, The Wailers, Catch A Fire.