What albums have you bought lately?



The Isaac Hayes Movement is an absolute classic album - let us know how it osunds on tape :heart_eyes:


Bargain £8 2LP + CD from the Bristol Fopp.


Decided not to go for that one :upside_down_face:



Last night’s gig was fairly epic. Decided that I should catch up.


The vinyl box of that is very, very good. I managed to get @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi to prise open his wallet for it. There is a new soundtrack LP ‘Kin’ due out on 21st August too:



I only have / had a couple of their later albums, so I figured that the retrospective was a good way to catch up.


Two more PY put this week. Anyone heard either?


No, but I bought them both.




bought neither this time.




Might have some lathe cut 7"s up for sale too.


I’m going to hit a few record shops in that London tomorrow. Could get spendy.


Hopefully :+1:


Any chance one of them might be Tomorrow Syndicate? :pray:


Their album is out this year… allegedly.


The Orb: NSAOOB (Blue Vinyl) picked up at Probe in Liverpool today.

There is a new shop on Seel St in Liverpool called Phase One run by Jacaranda Records. It is a Pub/Venue/Vinyl Enabler which is described as a pop-up venue for the summer.

I bought the following there:


Jackie got mildly refreshed on cider sitting in the sun in the beer garden while I browsed so it was all win. She nearly bought a mahooosive Led Zep box set, so I’m not the only one to go a bit wild following a drop or two…



Got the Orb on Tidal right now. Seems a long one!
Been outside for hours and it’s still going!


Sorry but it isn’t :frowning: