What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?

My local is a Dark Star pub, always interesting stuff on.

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That brooklyn stout is very nice, they also do a nice vienna lager that is quite hoppy.

Another of these, please barman.


Oh, I have one.

This is nicer than Hop House 13, imo :slightly_smiling_face: :beers:


There’s going to be a mini beer festival September sometime, it’s not up on their site yet but this will defiantly be worth a visit.

Yep, certainly looks worth doing :+1:

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Still got the lurgy, so might have another Port & Brandy tonight, purely medicinal of course.

Ah, I see you’ve already refreshed my glass barman -


Thank you :beers:

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Pint of mild in a pub in Hertford on our way to see Bad Manners play

At least try and get the right sub-forum.

It’s not that difficult, FFS.




The more you drink of these,


the easier they slip down :grinning:


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It’s great on draught Mike as is this

Thanks for the heads up, got a few today 3 for a fiver from the Coop. I’ll test them out Friday.

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Ooh what’s that like?