What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?



Not my usual drink, but a pleasing quencher along with some salty snacks


lol, foo beer :mage:


More like foo-ked after six bottles beer

11% abv that’s the one :+1:


Only 9% the triple, the Quad is 11%, I have some of the limited release barrel aged Quad, comes in a wooden case for full foo effect.


Six bottles @ 2% difference. Hmmm, still think it will do the job :smile:



That is on 3 for 2 at Asda at the moment, works out at just under £6 a bottle, bought 6 bottles for Claires birthday party at the weekend. It was partially responsible for this:

Plus a never emptying glass of vodka lime and lemonade…


Named and shamed :facepunch:






Named after the legendary Bristol giant.


Regular weeknight tipple - I have no shame.:yum:


Shit work day today. Probably the same tomorrow.

Roll on Saturday. Pub from midday and three Six Nations games.




Bit of a theme going on here, methinks :thinking:

chin chin chaps


Kippis! As they say in Helsinki



За (ваше, твоё) здоровье !


Only once, and I couldn’t sit down for days afterwards.