What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


What do you think fo that Mike ?


4 / 10 Allan.

Quite a nice, malty, honey taste, but very thin / watery.


Edit - make that 2.5 / 10. Not good.



I have diversified on the tonic side and bought the whole range of Fever Tree flavoured tonics. Just started testing them, mixed with paracetamol for the pain :rofl:


Liked, for this sterling ingenuity :+1:


Still drinking this shite. Just won’t go down :unamused:


That’s what I thought as well - pisswater.


Alcohol and paracetemol?

Your liver will not thank you. :crazy_face:


On a brighter note I have a few of these chilling in the fridge


:+1: Much betterer.

Back to these now -



Lol I have paracetamol every day, and I’m not going teetotal!


I guess that’s the technical expression :smile:


Sounds better if you say it in an 'Allo 'Allo French accent :grinning:


Ah, Peece Warterr !


Slowing down a bit now, but I’ll still manage another one of these -



A tad early perhaps, but, hey ho !

Proost ! :beers:


The sun is up :unamused: