What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


The tears seem a little clearer when you can see daylight

The lash


Bloody lovely. I’ve just noticed it’s 10%.




I’m really enjoying SM at the moment Rob as you may have noticed :grinning: - must get a nice glass as well :+1:


It helps with building your beer glass collection when your Mrs has a penchant for large handbags…


This is very true :smile:


A couple of these…


Do love that stuff Terry and always gives me good memories of my old mate who has now sadly passed away.

I need to get a supply of SM & Citra :+1:


And again. Stocks getting low now though :frowning_face:


Funny (?) you should say that Allan, been drinking a fair few of these this evening

in memory of my best mate, Ian, who passed away 3 years ago.

We regularly used to drink a crate of these of a Friday evening.

Life can be such a bastard.


Indeed it can mate but they still live on with us :beers:


Ain’t that the truth ?


No idea really.

Whatever passes for “local” in Worthing.


have you tried the Brooksteed Alehouse in Worthing?



No, I haven’t.

I’m here

Seems nice, although the location (on a junction at the back of Waitrose and Lidl) isn’t all that.


A really nice Citra quaffing Ale :grinning:

chin chin chaps :beers:




and this, needs no introduction, whatsoever, to my fellow piss heads.


Ice cold in zebra