What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Another please barman



Taste testing Lopwell brews.

First up was Safety BBQ Pale Ale;
still hazey (which should clear by then), sub-optimal carbonation (again, a couple of weeks will improve this). Basic flavour should balance to “refreshing” with fruity hop character.




Nice and cold



Aren’t Tyskie sponsoring the entire weekend?


God, I haven’t seen that for yonks.

Enjoy Gareth :beers:


It would seem :smirk:


Do you do before & after OG measurements? What a.b.v do you think it’ll be?


Lopwell ale tasting Part the Seconde…

Tapes & Capes Tawny Ale;
Vague haze, good carbonation, malt sweetness which leads to a clean bitterness (although slightly distinct). Fragrant hops and malt depth make it a good session ale.
Another 2 weeks will reduce the aroma but should integrate the flavours better.


I take measurements throughout. Off the top of my head;
Safety BBQ Pale Ale is 3.9% and Tapes & Capes Tawny Ale is 4.2%.


I’m doing a Muntons Old English at the mo which started at 1036 but which should (if it’s going to be 4.5%) end up at about 1000.Presumably it just stops decreasing once the sugars are gobbled up?



Couple of these tonight :+1:

Lots of nice beers over the weekend. Up in Banchory with in-laws and there’s a great beer shop there (ABV)- great selection. Enjoyed a selection of (generally very strong) beers from Loch Lomond brewery, 6 Degrees North, Partizan…forget the others


Simple sugars (sucrose) will be eaten relatively quickly producing course alcohol with a cidery taint. Complex sugars (maltose, dextrose) will take longer but will result in less but cleaner alcohol.

I don’t expect the brew to finish at 1000. That would suggest no residual malt left. This would make a thin alcoholic beverage that may resemble beer but…

Expect closer to 1010 for a better malt finish.



Beer poured and tunes on - Oakham Citra M&S stylee

Slainte :beers:


Lovely stuff that Birds & Bees :+1:



You’ve gotta love B&M Bargains…

£1.25 a bottle.


I will join you Terry with my expensive version :beers:

I needs to get me some of that from B&M :+1: