What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?



Nowt to do with going to the pub. Ellie was in town and rang me and asked for permission to get the top of her ear pierced. As this had been discussed and approved previously, I said Ok.

But it turns out I don’t have permission to give permission… :roll_eyes:


Sorry, but :rofl:


This has been my policy since well before I got married. Schoolboy error Rob.



God, the nights I had, as a lad, on that stuff.

Bad (and VERY good) memories !


I know, you’d think I’d have learned by now wouldn’t you? :clown_face:


Looks like you’ve got a really interesting selection going on. Any stand outs ?


Nah, you’re only a bloke :+1:


I’ve not done anything similar since I gave up the drink. Feck knows what chaos would occur if I ever got back on it.


The Belhaven Mango was really nice and this one also. Definitely buying again. Earl grey IPA next…


Where are they from ?


I’d only just got in from work when she rang me, so can’t even blame the ale…


Be fun to have just a wee sesh and find out, no ?


Belhaven is from Dunbar, East of Edinburgh. An old brewery, they are now owned by Greene King.

The Yeastie Boys is brewed under license over here, but I think they are a Kiwi company.



Another of these for me, I’m afraid



No, not really. :disappointed:


Oh, :disappointed: