What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


I deserve this


Now for some of the precious


Might have to start stockpiling that with Brexit an’ all.


What’s Dick Dastardly drinking?


I think we’ll need a few AA lorry runs across the channel to get a stockpile :grinning:


Perhaps we could just import an abbey full of Belgian monks.


That’s not a bad idea there’s plenty of empty churches around the country we could set them up in. :+1:


Fraternising with known criminals.


Looking forward to trying this


Was the same. And he was paying €8 per short measured half litre for the pleasure.



is that day release? I can’t see any handcuffs?



Is that Ziggy chillin’ as well ?


Bottle number 4


it is, he is a bit restless in the weather. Marley on the other hand is as cool as a cucumber


Looks like he’s having a Wailer of a time:)



^Super bottle of wine for £8 but it’s buy 6 get 25% off at the moment in my local M&S Simply Food = £6 a bottle.:+1:
I bought a dozen bottles on Sunday.:smiley: