What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?



I know, I know, glass incompatibility issues, so feckin’ sue me.


TBF, I don’t think that the Tyskie will be unduly affected.


Thank you :+1:


'spoons pre-Turan



Straight from the bottle :stuck_out_tongue:



Well, it’s already in glass :+1:


Would Sir care to purchase a full loom of unicorn pube cables and unobtainium grounding boxes? Reassuringly expensive and ‘definitely enhances the experience’ …:unamused:


When visiting foreign hostelries, if you require a glass, the rules are as follows;

Adults: speak to the proprietor. They are (mostly) accommodating and will give you a glass (except Kvak) which will only require a small tip. They would rather retain an element of control and give you the glass than have Le Rost Beef nick it.
N.B. this applies to Belgium and Germany not France.

Students: just nick the fucker anyway.



New variety of Westons for me. Fruity!




spot on, we have asked the proprietor for all the glasses we have, all have been accommodating without charge.

You just need a wife with a large handbag to keep them safe


Last beer in the fridge :scream: Aldi special.



I’m on my last beer as well :unamused:


G&T it is then. Or rum, port, plum schnapps etc etc etc.


Narelle has a “touring” bag by Cath Kidston which she refers to as her Mary Poppins bag.
This serves perfectly.

OTOH, if the staff are dicks, we’ll just pocket the glass.