What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


in the 'spoons


Slumming it with the brexitards

Sorry I missed the punk IPA

Bet the footware is raising a glass or two :grimacing:


around here the 'spoons is the best pub for miles - and it is across the road frlm the Turan!

tonight the footwear is walking boots


Safe as then.

Enjoy the evening

PS it’s Friday surely you’re sporting a booby dazzler

PPS if the owner of the chain turns up, ask him where his medallion can be found


My Taddy Porter clone. In appropriate glass…


Looks great. Love the glass.



There’s a nice Samuel Smith pub in cardiff. The Waterguard which is down the bay and is in an interesting building that looks like a castle (must have been something to do with the port). Well worth a visit. I always enjoyed the beer.

They’ve also got the oldest pub in Newport, The olde Muringer, which is quite famous.


They don’t have a lot of houses in the South (Wales included) but they always have well managed establishments. This is partly down to selection of good property, but also an iron fist grip by the brewery.
I know. I managed a couple of Smith’s pubs.






Yup. The Angel.


…and a couple more…


After a couple of Brains SA Gold watching the rugby at a friend’s place, it’s back home to tunes and time to do the Truffler Shuffle


Mmm beer…

I found this pic, which is a bit close to home, because I’m wearing my white England rugby top complete with beer shelf and jeans:


G&T with the lovely Italian gin. The base spirit is made from grapes which is unusual. It is dry with a hint of citrus and uses celery as a botanical.



Now an unusual gin fron Doghouse distillery in Battersea. the distillery makes their own spirit as a base to the gin, rather than buying in neutral grain spirit. The base spirit essentially starts life as a 10% wheat beer.


and another new one. Very floral with lavendar and mulberries


Louise is telling me to stop buying bottles. Not only do we have three kitchen cupboards full, and two shelves, biut i have now appropriated a work surface

and now