What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


In the Vaults in Edinburgh.

This is the tip of the iceberg.


Slàinte Mhòr




Aberfeldy I think.


Another wall o’ whisky.

The Bow Bar looks like it’s been there forever, but I used to go it when it was serving very sophisticated cafetieres as Cafe Bisous in the mid-80s




Bought a bottle of this to try and it’s not too bad :beer:




Let us salute those who have died tonight.

Note industrial size Powers :+1:


I note you have the surf and fairy liquid handy in case of Father Jack type demands upon the bar staff. Clearly you are experienced dealing with the demands of the wake.


All correct, except this is kind of a “pre wake”. Turns out the funeral is actually tomorrow.

Additional whisky being parachuted in around 11am I understand.


Horrors! Whiskey, not whisky.


Standard. We had similar for both my parents. When my Uncle Des died I learned at the pre-wake that while Ulster might say ‘NO!’ she really means ‘Ah go one then, just a touch for medicinal purposes’. The wake was unbelievable…

Good luck tomorrow. Apologies if I am treading on your loss.


It’s all good.

Lyndsay was my wife’s uncle, he was a lovely, dapper gentleman, and dry as the desert, and we’re giving him a good send off.

The wife’s mother is the last of that generation (who had a lot of kids, who had a lot of kids, hence the numbers). She’s promptly taken a nasty fall this evening. Currently hoping we’re not entering the next phase.


Oh dear! Good luck with it all. I hope your M-i-L is OK.


Hopefully not!

Maybe just a temporary aberration, enjoy (as far as you can in these circumstances) the ‘event’

Best wishes


All the best Guy.


On my n’th of these.

Double Irish measure of Jameson’s, £5.90.

I don’t think we’re in London any more.