What are the truly great albums since 2000?


Trouble is, we won’t know whether something is a classic or not for another 10 or 20 years. In 1977, most of the prog fans thought that Never Mind The Bollocks was just shit. Few would argue that now, even if they don’t like it much.


This, most “classic” albums are created from a mix of hindsight and reflection. How many of the albums defined as classics where thought of as much more than decent at time of release.




Dr Who was around in the 60’s. Do you reckon he might have time-travelled them forwards to the dates when they were released (which really were 1970-75) ?



I met Terry Nation in the 60’s at my friends wedding reception. Nice guy.


The albums that will appear in the ‘greatest’ lists in a few years time for the 2000s will be the ones that sold in their millions.
So the greatest will be by

Justin Timberlake
Linkin Park
Backstreet Boys
Taylor Swift
Norah Jones
One Direction
Lady Gaga


I keep thinking of albums and then realise they’re all from the 90s.
With the exception of Winehouse’s Back to black (which I’ve never listened to) I’m struggling to think of truly great albums.

Actually here’s one, Younger Brother, last days of gravity.