What are these valves?

Going through some old valves I found but have no idea what type they are

First one is badged as a Philco and has a square halo getter

Second one can’t see any writing on it


The first valve looks like a long-plate double triode. Does pin 9 go to a tapping in the centre of the valve heater ? If so then it’ll very likely be a 12V heater and the type number will be 12***.

There is a faint number on the second valve. If you follow a line vertically upwards from the left-most pin in the first picture of that valve (the third picture over all) then roughly half way up the anode structure you can see a number 2 on the glass. In good daylight you might well be able to read the rest of the type number. The valve appears to have open anode structures.


If you have access to a UV light source and a darkened room it will sometimes show-up otherwise invisible print.


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