What are you listening to, right now?


Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Blood Drums






Vinyl bought today for £1 & sounding good.



R2R 3.75 ips


I’ve been meaning to get an original Stereo version as I’ve got an SQ version from the Mike Oldfield Boxed set.


I might have a noisy old copy somewhere but I haven’t seen it in ages. This one has the green labels so I’m guessing 76 perhaps but it’s quiet & sounds fine. Still good to find a nice 40+ year old record that plays well.



Prefer this to Thrust, so far :+1:






Nup, not for me, just borafunk. Yawn !


Had to clean my ears out after that, so on to -


This is a regular on Spotify/my phone at work. All your handiwork.


Think you have to blame Gareth @Waxy for that.

First time I’ve listened to this, because of him !


Ah, my mistake.

I also like the fact that they’re from Wrexham (unless I’ve got that wrong as well).

Many a lost night there.





Haven’t played this since last century. Last time I played it I was, ahem, somewhat out of it



Has it taken you that long to come round?