What are you listening to, right now?




The Cinematic Orchestra - To Believe


Oh, is that out?



Yep - spotted in Rough Trade this morning.





Me too.



Qobuz released today


I went to see Sun Kil Moon a few years ago in Brighton and came out as perplexed as I went in.
Moments of brilliance and stuff I just didn’t get.
It was shortly after Nick Cave’s son died and Mark Kozelek told a moving story about the twin boys back stage when he was doing something with Cave. He then did an astonishing cover of The Weeping Song in tribute, I will never forget it.









There is a tune on the Jesu/Sun Kil Moon LP that is about Cave’s son. I’m not sure I really get the SKM stuff as he basically is reading his diary to you over fairly simple music. I saw the Red House Painters stuff being done back in the day and it was much easier to deal with. You definitely have to be in the mood. It is decent music to Brexit to…






My copy arrived today Gareth, so thanks for that :+1:




me too, except I was a poor student, think I only had a ‘copy’ :grimacing:


Sulphur Aeon - The Scythe Of Cosmic Chaos