What are you listening to? V1.2


I have seen Laura live - This type of stuff is right up my street. I cannot remember the ticket price but it was likely less than £20. 4x more talent than the Stones but 1/5th of the price.


She only has a couple of dates listed this early in the year so far. But one is at Band on the Wall here in Mcr. in June @ only £16 per ticket.

I’ll prolly go if it doesn’t clash with owt. Its a pretty good venue for jazz 'n folk with a well sorted sound system.



i had a listen to that on spotty earlier Chris - it’s quite unusual. Does she sing and trumpet?


Wouldn’t be surprised if she can sing nicely, but in all the albums I have with her present she seems to confine herself to trumpet & some synth input.

Lauren Kinsella is the vocalist on that album, she’s a young Irish lass. I think she features on at least a couple of the Chaos Collective albums. She is also the vocalist in Blue Eyed Hawk whose album has received lots of critical acclaim.

The Blue Eyed Hawk line up is yet another that features Laura Jurd, the lass certainly seems generous in lending herself to others projects.



First listen. CDR2F.


Godspeed You ! Black Emperor - Luciferian Towers


I am sure she did some vocals when I saw her


Interesting Andy.

Don’t think I’ve spotted any vocal credits given to Laura on any of the albums featuring her that I have so far.

The Blue Eyed Hawk album Under The Moon will prolly be my next buy.


New Order - Retro (CD1 & 2)




The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour




Middex - No Home



This is really modern for me




cool cover



In the brewhouse, so…



Vincent Gallo - recordings of music for film
Warp 2LP