What are you listening to? V1.2


20yrs ago I bought this, ffs. :frowning:


Sacri Monti - S/T

All Them Witches with added Riffage, Psych (and a bit of Prog - ssshhh !!).

I really like it.







One of my favourite Albums at the moment. Brilliant recording too.

The Gaslamp Killer Experience - Live in Los Angeles


For the soulies








In fact, if there was one LP I would tout around my fellow 'toirists to surprise and delight them, it would be this.




Plays at 45rpm so not regularly played due to laziness





Baxter Drury - Prince of Tears


Are their vinyl pressings good Olan - I’ve only got them on CD which are very good quality. Actually, strike that Olan I don’t want to know as I can do without the added expense :joy:


For what it’s worth, I have most of the Steroelab albums on vinyl, and they are generally very good pressings in my experience.


It’s ok to admit that they’re shite Gareth :grin:


Even the US repress of TRNBWA is good… Worst one is probably Peng!


I have all the LPs except Eaten Horizons Or The Electrocution Of Rock (which I see now fetches more than £300 if you can find one) and most of the compilations. I never really bothered with the singles when they were originally released (huge mistake). Time Gane is an audiophile and is very, very fussy about the quality of mastering and pressing of his music so all the Stereolab LPs are excellent. Having said this, I have a bunch of their CDs too, all of which sound great. The BBC sessions LP, ABC music is particularly good.


Olan, why am I not surprised?