What Do You Want For Christmas?

Well, as it is December tomorrow I thought it might be interesting to know what every one wants.

Let me start with this…

Or failing that, Peace & Goodwill.


long pig for dinner.

Bag of prosthetic eye balls

My mrs has already bought and revealed one my presents…so she says she needs to start again.

I need a new suit and warm hat.

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To die.


Mr Wayward is your man for that.

People to stop asking me what I want for cunting christmas!


Thermal fishnet y fronts.

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Careful now, Penance will be paying a visit…

Might warm me up,bloody freezing in this garage

Rob, were you wearing that at Whittlebury?

over rated unless accompanied by a waxing kit

I didn’t think anyone had noticed!

I was going to get the gift of time. The first Christmas in my own home, not spending days on public transport and then living out of a suitcase, in 20 years.

The M-i-L was due to be joining us. However she’s now had a nasty accident and is quite incapacitated, so it’s back on trains and planes, and Christmas in the emerald isle.

Ah well, another year perhaps.

That’s all a long-winded way of saying “oh bollocks”.

Perhaps someone on the body disposal thread can help.

If you are having long pig, surely you will have real eye balls?

Thank Goodness for Guinness

nowhere near enough of them for what I need.

I am fresh out of snowflake, Snowflake :kiss:


That is the spirit! And now a word or two from our sponsor:

And my preferred alternative to the fucking Christmas Cunt, oops sorry Christmas Cat:

And finally:

So that’s where Sodders went…