What I'm watching (Part 2)

Watched another episode of it last night.
I really hope Wendy gets her comeuppance.



I wanted summat to switch off with. So chose From Dusk till Dawn…again.

What a hoot !!


I’ve teed up the whiskey, just trying to persuade the missus to balance on the table😁

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Just finished the second part of Ozark final season… Ugh that really dragged out, found myself skipping through it. Could definitely have been a few episodes shorter. The ending was ok though.

Now starting the final season of Better Call Saul.


I’ve not seen it for years, enjoyed it, still looks good now.

Found myself trying to catch a glimpse of the strangely alluring blue boobies…



Saw a trailer for Avatar 2. Actually laughed out loud when I saw the release date!

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This guff with the girls.
The first thing my youngest said after it was “I think I’m done with Marvel since The Batman.”
I thought it only fair to remind her of Aqua man and suggest that The Batman was something special in the world of super hero films.

We’re enjoying the series Life after Life, a more serious take maybe on the Groundhog Day idea.

So last night I watched No Time To Die because

  1. it was free on Amazon
  2. the wife wasn’t interested, and she was going to be on her big family zoom call to NZ

How did they manage to stretch two gun fights and a car chase to nearly three hours?

Might have been ok if it was 90 or 100 minutes, but they really need to rethink the format IMO.

Three episodes in to the last batch, as of last night. Blimey! Gripping, as always.

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Planes trains and automobiles.
A mistake with a cracked rib.

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I love that film. Uncle Buck too. RIP Mr Candy.


I’m watching Jurassic World, and will watch the other new one soon, in preparation for the new film this summer.

Films are better than 20+ years ago, sure, but they do often manage to lose some magic…

Ozark season finale. Not bad. Loved the series overall. Not as satisfied as I’d hoped, with the ending, but also not exactly disappointed either.



Objectively better - effects, clearly, but also a lot of understanding of characters, interactions and the like.

I’m just not sure that I like this. Just working well with the focus groups doesn’t really do it for me.