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It is very sad. But putting down the drink is his first and most important action. He was drinking throughout the program. The guy who lived with him was a classic enabler.


I hope he has found the right therapist. He needs to fully confront his childhood abuse. His drinking is a by product and sadly even Goodwin is focused on switching his reliance on alcohol to a reliance on accepted medication.

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The problem is he can’t stop drinking, or won’t. Anyone who suffers a Grand mol convulsion when they stop drinking cold turkey like Tony did has a very serious drinking problem.
I can’t recall anyone asking him how much he drinks on a daily basis because that would be crucial. As Dr. Goodwin succinctly put it “alcohol is the problem and the solution is not to drink it.“

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Agreed. Underlying causes are important to address down the line. If my trousers are on fire the best course of action is to put them out - then look at the reasons why.


He was abused at 8 years old he is now 60. His drinking is a coping mechanism. He will not be able to stop drinking without first being able to deal with what happened to him. If he can find peace with himself then he will stop drinking relatively easily. There are lots of reasons people become dependant on alcohol and treating them all the same way is what causes huge numbers of people to fail to stop. Yes he needs to stop drinking but he needs the right help.

Do you believe he can address and resolve his issues rationally and emotionally at depth under the influence of alcohol and or other chemicals? In my experience, short term, the past can’t kill you.
Alcohol can

The past certainly can kill you and without drink it may well have been the case.
It is a connected process, I’m not saying he can just carry on drinking to excess which is why I said I hope he finds a good therapist so he can face his abuse and start to work on its consequences as a combined process.

This is the bit that in my experience cannot and does not work.
You need to treat the physical addiction first before you can start to address the other issues.
This does not mean that the two are not connected, they very much are, and stopping drinking on it’s own will almost certainly fail, but it is impossible to treat the other issues while still addicted.


His body is addicted, his mind is dependant.
I am gonna duck out as It is not a subject for discussion on here for me.

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Which is why I said

Quadrophenia for my sons homework


Contagion :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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The Godfather part 2.

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A Fistful of Dollars


The Hangover

Hobbs and Shaw.

Pretty dire. Lifted only by some humour from Ryan Reynolds. JStay is beyond wooden.

Everyone else tries. Idris can’t act either. Which is why he should never be the next Bond.


Idris Elba is superb in this.

Just finished Baghdad Central . After the US ‘liberation’ a former Iraqi cop is forcibly enlisted by the coalition forces to help investigate dirty business in the wild west state that has resulted.

Now onto State of Happiness, drama set in 70s Stavanger as the potential oil wealth becomes apparent to a sleepy & declining fishing port. Pretty good so far

Yup, we watched that too :gun:

Veep - Season 7 DVD.