What I'm watching


Star Trek - Beyond with Sam last night.


Good movie :slight_smile:


The Sinner

This is showing promise after two episodes


I recall reading somewhere that that is essentially what happens, and it was his work on gory horror movies that got him in the door.



Quite enjoy that series


Yeah it works for me.


The books are excellent.





Really love that film. Clichéd to fuck, but love it none the less.


The Walking Dead


Started this

The End of the F***ing World on Netflix



I watched it a while ago on 4OD. Quite entertaining.


I liked that actually, very good!


Currently watching the new Star Trek on Netflix. Seems ok so far, think I need to see more before casting judgement.


Fargo S3. Great writing as ever.


absolutely loving starsky and hutch thurs and friday night on forces TV . the chemistry in the acting with that pair is brilliant and love those old american wobbly suspension cars


I’m watching the killing (series one) on Netflix it’s OK but beginning to get a little tired of the unlikely nature of the many coincidences.


Give it time, it’s the best thing I’ve watched on NF.