What I'm watching


Episode 1of The assassination of Gianni Versace on Netflix.

Follow up to the OJ Simpson docudrama.

Slightly odd, but in a good way. Anything filmed in Miami is basically sound in my book.


I thought it was a documentary. Got a bit of a shock when I saw a man with what looked like prosthetics and pants on.

I’ve been to his house although it’s now a restaurant. At least it was… been a while.


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Analogue music-greatness.

Narration is annoying wanker.


Yeah that minimalism programme was great






@freefallrob you like a bit of Strike, don’t you?

New series looks decent.


Last series was very good too


This is great on Netflix. >>

Knocks that girly pleasing shite Outlander into a cocked hat!! Three full seasons @ around 1 hr ten mins each episode. High production values, great acting & humorous storytelling & interesting from the standpoint of a little Spanish history.

This isn’t bad either, certainly far better than the somewhat crappy title might suggest. Dark supernatural drama with a bit of a Sci-fi spin in a beautiful Alaskan setting.


Scotland & England rugby match in full I recorded.


I’m not keen on horror films


Yeah it does, watched it last night, looking forward to the next instalment, and now want to check out the books (since you mentioned them a while ago).


I watched the new series back to back last night and kept stopping it due to various distractions.
By the end I didn’t have a clue what was happening. Or who the suspect was.
And the characters are getting a little predictable. But it’s certainly watchable.


Beth Rowley’s song over the opening titles is not bad either


I really like it, sets the tone nicely.


I do, read all three books too :+1:



I enjoyed it, but the last one was a bit far fetched, wasn’t it? I did like the ending, though.


Watched about 5 minutes of Top Gear last night, GOD IT WAS AWFUL.