What I'm watching


Really shit, gave up after 15 minutes


Falling Down


Excellent film. I must drag it out again.


Based on the cast I’d be all over it.


Don’t bother it’s truly awful, possibly the worst film I’ve seen in a long time. I thought I’d give it another chance but that was a massive mistake.


It’s a good un’.


Most of the ‘social issues’ are still relevant today, 25 years later…


Total shite and what the fuck is going on with her fringe?


I watched San Andreas last night. I wish I hadn’t bothered.


Yes it bothered/distracted me all the way through, I you have just reminded me about it :roll_eyes:


Watched Sky Atlantic’s Save me and BBCs Collateral over the last week. Both very good.


Yeah I’ve enjoyed Collateral :+1:


The Hunt for Red October, which I’ve never seen before.


Tattoo Fixers

Today’s program featured a woman who had a tattoo around her nipple that read “Dave’s jelly tot”

Last week a man regaled the ‘artists’ with his dream about James Bond. The following morning he went to the first Tattoo parlor on the high street and got a third nipple in homage to Scaramanga

It would be simple to dismiss this program as car crash TV. In reality it is high art and a comment on the decline in society and a mirror to us all. Stronzetto has already packed his bags for Magaluf and informs me he won’t be back until he has managed to Drug / convince a squadron of imbeciles to have Vote Stronzetto indelibly etched on their genitals. I didn’t attempt to dissuade him, he can be quite tenacious at times.


The new season of Jessica Jones is off to a good start IMV. I’ve got plenty of good stuff on the go at the mo, so will try & savour it, rather than succumbing to a three night bingefest.


Barf V Saints


Part 2/2 ^

Trippy, analogue reel-to-reel minimalism. Piano phase is incredible.


We watched the Death of Stalin last night. Very good. The thick of it transposed to Russia 1953.


Mother with Jennifer Lawrence.


Just watched Three Colours: Blue. Never seen it before.

Very good. Very, very French. Juliette Binoche.



Best of SHAFF 2018, last Thursday