What I'm watching


What did you think? I’ve not seen it but it sounds ‘interesting’


Baby Driver

Style over substance in the end.

Soundtrack great though.


Worth a watch. Its pitched as a thriller but it’s much odder than that. The less you know about it before you watch the better.


S2 of Jessica Jones.
JJ still oozes contempt, Smart Assery and dysfunction. She is the sort of woman Mummy wouldn’t approve of but you just can’t stop wanking over. Story? characterization? - Who cares?


All three films are superb :+1:


Fantastic arse but a very weird nose .


I thought it was hilarious! See it at the cinema ages ago, must see it again


The soundtrack has been a staple in our household since, err, the 90s I guess.

Blanc and Rouge are also good, Bleu is still my favourite.


In fairness, Top gear is quite good this evening.


Firefox (for about the millionth time…) :man_facepalming:


Just started watching S2, love it.



Mr Benn dvd. First episode is the one with the red armour.


Excellent, I really enjoyed that, quite an eye opener.




I bought the book a few years ago. Must get around to reading it before I watch this.



UN Security Council

Fascining politics and diplomacy.

Our statement was clear and irrefutable.

Russia are just thorowing mud. Even though we all know what is going on it’s a great watch!


Tonight BBC4 @ 10:00pm

Here Comes Summer: The Undertones Story


Coming soon

BBC adaption of the wonderful China Miéville novel City and the City.

Really looking forward to this.