What I'm watching


As usual, you made the more intelligent choice :+1:


The subset that is ‘Films including Tom Cruise that are any good’ is not huge.

Collateral, Minority Report, Tropic Thunder, maybe Jerry Maguire.

In most films he’s just Tom Cruise and a Grade A cunt.


Hah, that’s just luvvie envy apparently :slightly_smiling_face:


I see he’s going to be in a Top Gun remake. FFS.


But like the Murphy’s…


Pretty sure Rush was on at the same time on one of the other channels. If only you could have mustered the energy to press the “guide” button.

Btw the mad guy in the cellar was supposed to be the Vicar. Or was it the Artilleryman? I forget.


I’ve lost the will to care who or what anything/one is/was meh/meh…

Rush is fabulous, but I have it on HD Bluray, so fuck scummy telly for that!


Videos of people having their fingers pinned on youtube.


Fucking made I larf that did :grinning::+1:




If you have not seen it,it’s on itv4 tonight at 12.30


The part about Alain Prost at the end was extremely touching.


Just been to Pacific Rim 2, better than expected, escapest fun.


And just a bit silly :smile:



Enjoyed the original on a transatlantic flight, would like to see this. Abject nonsense and hyperbole: just my thing :+1:


You only watched that because you misread the title :slight_smile:




I had my thumb pinned. It’s grim.



What channel is that on please Chris?