What I'm watching


It’s not on in the UK yet, you need to wait until 24th April on BT AMC or locate it elsewhere :frowning:


Ah, bollocks, thanks.

Bit of a Ciaran Hinds fanboi here.

(oh, and a preemptive “fuck off” to the accent police)


Him and Jared Harris are both very good in it.





I don’t know if my standards are going down, but I just rather enjoyed Pacific Rim Uprising after really enjoying Tomb Raider a week ago.

Both films were simple and predictable, but fun. Pacific Rim didn’t miss a single cliché, and both utterly fail any rational thought being applied.

After a few blockbusters that were a bit ponderous, it’s nice to see fun ones.


Jimi: All is by my side

Hendrix biopic

BBC1 now


Tomorrow night, BBC4


New series of Billions (S3) on Sky Atlantic.



Britpop at the BBC, BBC4 now.

I liked Britpop. It had generally well written songs and an optimistic outlook, but there were some properly serious and dark overtones to it, especially from the more cerebral bands.

Also there were some really decent bands that had girls either fronting or playing guitar which seems to have died a bit of a death unfortunately, at least in terms of popular success.


Apart from those cunts from Burnage, obvs.


Sense & Sensibility.

(oops I got it wrong :man_facepalming:)


Pride & Predj with Zombies is on Film4 tonight although the film to watch (if you haven’t previously seen it) is on afterwards at 11.10. Dead Man’s shoes, a Shane Meadows film set in & around Matlock


I read the book on a flight to Singapore annoying all sitting near me by sniggering my way through it. Is the film any good? The book was a laugh…


An excellent film. Hard though.



Good soundtrack, too.


I haven’t seen it or read the book. If Jane Austen had just been prepared to think outside of the box a little it could have been the classic novel she always tried to write.


Thought the book was a great read - the characters she has created and the behaviours she uses them to lampoon are magic.


I bought it on a whim while slightly* drunk walking from the Emirates Lounge to the plane. I really liked the language. She uses very prim and proper Jane Austen-like prose and conversations to describe the zombie-hacking, disembowelment and decapitation.

*exceedingly actually…:crazy_face: