What I'm watching


Well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it,and you like indie.
All 3 are on tonight from 12.30 BBC4


In my top 5 films of all time.


Just binge-watched the whole of Harry’s Game.

It’s only about 35 years since I last saw it.


Yep Considine is really very underrated as an actor, wipes the floor with your Cumberbatches.


Great soundtrack :+1:


Journeyman looks promising. He also directs it.


Will look out for it.


Actually just googled it. Looks really interesting and the type of role he would do well.


I’m watching a preview of it on Film 4 at the moment.


Just managed to miss it. Doh!!


Just starting now :+1:


The Highwaymen Live

BBC4 now


Marcella tonight, just the best thing on TV this side of my Storny Daniels collection. Unkike series 7 of Homeland which is rapidly turning into a dungheap only surpassed by that fucking awful Keefffffer Suverland bollocks, Designated Survivor.


Smokin Aces on Netflix, that’s my afternoon sorted.


Watched “Dunkirk” on blu-ray last night: still not 100% sure what to think of it - simultaneously engaging and very moving, yet it’s a bloody odd production - somehow like watching the take of a movie before all the SFX have been added and all the many, many anachronisms of filming on-location 80 years after the event digitally edited-out. **

If it captured one thing it was the sheer randomness and chaos of surviving amidst warfare.

Going to have to watch again.

** I know this was deliberate, BTW, before anyone points that out.


Pretty much the same reaction here. i do amuse myself by making mental improvements o the film. A touch more humour by replacing the two “stetcher bearers” with the Chucle Brothers (plenty of to you, to me action) and ditching Branagh for Danny Dire on the basis that there was nowhere near enough swearing.

All those bullets and bombs and not one fuck or cunt? Not beleiving that for a minute.


The French version?



Although not religious I quite enjoyed the 3 part BBC2 programme looking at the Camino pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. The lady vicar was more annoying that she could have known but Ed Byrne, Neil Morrisey (both atheists) & the others were mostly too polite to point this out. It does seem an interesting challenge passing through some spectacular countryside & undertaken by a broad mix of people including a good number of non believers. I went to the cathedral there 40+ years ago. Don’t recall much of the St James shrine but do recall a gap in the masonry that you had to put your hand into & hope the cathedral didn’t collapse on it at that moment.


Regardless of the religious bit, which leaves me stone cold, the ending at Cape Finisterre is probably worth it alone


All you South Westerners have probably seen it before, but Portillo is on the Cornish Express, now on BBC2

Plymouth to the Lizard