What I'm watching


Don’t think I’ve seen that since it was released, may have to watch tonight.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


I recall reading the book & laughing out loud as he described in detail how later, ‘post Duke’ Genesis were better than the early version. The satire of those people was perfect.


I think thay swap that out for Huey Lewis and the News in the film, 'tis v funny )


I stand corrected, he does Gnesis as well, just got to that bit )

“An epic meditation on intangibiity”


I read Fight Club & then American Psycho one after the other in the space of a week or two without really knowing much about either beforehand. I was fair blown away by them.


The Voice final - This is what Hell sounds like


Are you being held hostage by a sadist? Nobody would watch that voluntarily.


The masters whilst listening to my sporting life - Ray Wilkins on talksport


My soul hurts


I should coat it liberally with anusoul* cream if I were you. It removes all pain from your id, fluffs your ego, lubricates your superego and stiffens your ka.

*do not mistakenly use anusol as you will suffer enternal perdition for such transgression. And piles.


Notting Hill with the Mrs.


Fillum 4


Are you Irish?


So much zoom and enhance in The Bone Collector, Sky One.


Captain America - The Winter Solder.


Kentucky Fried Felatio :joy:


michael portillo indian train journey on yesterday was so amazingly interesting . must get out to lucknow sometime


With this film Johnny Depp proved he’s better than popcorn and pirates - and easily the best hairstyle since Travis Bickle’s mohawk. On Amazon.


Just back from cinema after watching A Quiet Place… quite enjoyed it.