What I'm watching



The Truman Show.


Went to see Isle of Dogs with the kids today. Brilliant, best kids film I’ve seen in a while. They loved it.


A fox in the back garden eating the naan bread scraps I put out after dinner. Healthy-looking animal :+1:


QT from Liverpool. 23 minutes in, and I’ve not heard a scouse accent yet.


Was Paddington 1 & 2 last night


Second series of Salamander starts this weekend. Belgian crime, heist thriller kind of thing.

First series was goode.


I enjoyed it, but I felt some of the Japanese stuff was a bit odd. Not least that the dogs were “American” in Japan. But a very good film, wonderfully quirky.



The Enfield haunting



Urban Myths S2. Sex Pistols was great, Johnny Cash starring Frank Skinner was painful


Every now and then netflix make a good’un and fuck me this is one of them.

Very dark, weird, trippy with a great soundtrack.


Tried watching the Bowie/Bolan one yesterday. Also painful.


The book is excellent.


9pm tonight

Peter Green: Man of the World

A portrait of (IMHO) the greatest blues guitarist to come from these shores

Sky Arts


Directed by Alex Garland, interesting. Thanks, I’ll try it.


An Idiot Abroad on youtube


This is very cool. Had to go straight to episode 2 after the first!


England Netball team doing us proud - top celebration too :man_cartwheeling:t4:


Four episodes of Lost in Space back-to-back on Netflix last night after everyone else had gone to bed, an unusual occurrence for me. First time I’ve watched tv for months, CBBC aside.
Quite enjoyed it. They are a very lucky/unlucky family depending on your pov.
Dr Smith/Parker Posey (who I’ve not seen for years) clearly has an emotionally unstable or borderline personalty, which is quite interesting to watch from a work perspective for me, in fact the relationships/dynamics between the family kept my attention.
I like the hardware design-the chariot etc.
The robot has a pretty menacing and foreboding presence.
Introducing other survivors was quite a departure.
Will probably try and watch some more if I get the chance.