What I'm watching


Me too! It’s right up my street :+1:


Saw it advertised but wasn’t sure about it; sounds like I need to give it a go


I’ve read it goes downhill quickly plot wise later, but it’s ok so far-have seen much worse sci-fi before.


Thanks for the tip, I was looking at that.


Deep State. Looks promising.


The IT Crowd (again)


Radiohead on Sky arts at 9pm


Backdraft :smiley:


Richard Pryor live 1979 - absolute classic.


The keepers on Netflix (making a murderer type thing).


The season 13 of Trailer Park Boys ends with a sad note.



First time the kids had seen it :joy:


lost in space

Really want to just punch these characters now, all these geniuses and they go off making the most stupid decisions and mistakes. Bratty kids who do the complete opposite of what they are told.


So many shows are like this now, such lazy writing seems very common


Just watched the first episode of this with Sam…hmmm…it’s not very good so far…


Just gets more annoying, there’s absolutely no real story, completely predictable and cliched.

It’s basically eastenders in space.


I watched the whole series at the weekend and it was generally underwhelming. I’d like to tell you that it gets better the more episodes you watch but it doesn’t. It does however get more and more ludicrous plot lines. Not quite jumping the shark but pretty close.


I’ll let Sam sleep on it and ask him what he thinks.


I couldn’t even get past the first 20 minutes. It’s wank.


Dan Cruikshank: At Home with the British.

I am currently having to to restrain myself from chucking something at the telly because of Dan constantly pronoucing Toxteth as Tox teth… When it should be correctly pronounced as “Toccch zteff”. :rage: