What I'm watching


World Rallycross


Good old fashioned east v west spy film


The City And The City.

Just finished it.

It won’t be for everyone, but I got it and liked it a lot.


Nick Cave, Sky Arts tomorrow at 9pm and in concert Sunday at 10pm


2 episodes in but I really like it.


I started it … but found it it a bit hard going.

Will try and get into it and finish it.


Buena Vista Social Club

BBC4 now


Bosch season 4.


Watched this after seeing your post, really, really enjoyed it.

Also, that swimsuit :heart_eyes:


The Guardian summed this up as ‘a bleak two-hour-plus Russian thriller with graphic rape and torture’ :grimacing:


Pretty much correct but it is a very good film.

Anyway the guardian is just a bunch of right on loony left cunts.


The Guardian is a right on bunch of loony left Blairites who hate Corbyin and wish he would go away.


Bojack Horseman


Having watched a couple more episodes, I cannot disagree with this.


Radiohead: Austin City Limits Festival on Sky Arts


First ep of Professor T on the Walter Presents bit of All4.
Entertainingly odd.


Nick cave in concert sky arts now


Went to see ‘A Quiet Place’ last night. The audience were silent for the entire film as many of the reviews have commented on. I didn’t hear a single cough or rustling of popcorn.

Not really a horror but more a suspense movie.
I liked it.


Season 2 of Legion. First season was insanely good. The second is every bit as weird and compelling…


I want to see that! Apparently excellent.