What I'm watching


I introduced Sam to the delights of Monty Python and the Holy Grail last night :joy:


“Old Woman.”



Did the same with my son a few weeks ago :rofl:


Don’t start, it is virtually karoake when I watch it.
“Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?”


I’m being repressed!


Sky Arts tonight at 9pm.
First artist i got into in the early 70s


used to love the original. I bet this is shit, though.

The New Legends of Monkey


Other half watched the first series last night


Re watching the original series is proof positive that Pigsy was probably the best thing to ever happen to TV


Water Margins ftw


Watched first two episodes. It’s shit. Strayan shit too.


The original was shit too! (But fun)


Original was ‘so shit it’s good’ shit - this is just shit shit.


watched really gripping film called testament of youth , its on i-player . very weepie film but extremely gritty about war and nursing all those soldiers in first world war . your wives will love as its extremely romantic


Vis-a-vis Straya is shit :+1:


Jet! When Britain ruled the Skies. BBC4






Just finished watching that series too. Quite twisted humour which should appeal to some Abattoirists.


enjoyed harrison ford in the fugitive again, just love that film