What I'm watching


Dr. Richard Kimble: I didn’t kill my wife.
Deputy US Marshal Samuel Gerard: I don’t care.




It’s not bad.


This looks very good . Will have to look for it.


I like the look of that as well but no idea where to find it other than wait for a dvd release (so last century) :grinning:

Mind you, I had the same high hopes for Fortitude until it descended into a load of absolute bollocks :thinking:


I’ll just have to start watching Deadwood again if I don’t manage to track it down.


BBC4, Secrets Of The Super Elements





1919: Alcock & Brown fly the Atlantic, including climbing out onto the wing to de-ice stuff

50 years

1969: The 747 starts flying

50 years

2019: The 747 will still be flying



Must be a marmite film this, bloody awful.


It’s got Natalie Portman in, surely that means it cannot be completely unwatchable.


Star Wars II’s got Natalie Portman in it. Case closed your honour.


It gets very mixed reviews.

On one hand, I loved the visuals and the abstract nature of it.

OTOH, some of the story/plot made me grind my teeth,


Fair point, I’ve got no counter argument to that.



And weeping like a girl :sob:





Which I’m guessing may be German for - “An absolute fucking hoot!”… :star_struck::heart_eyes::joy:

Sam’s new telly came into its own tonight :+1:


Yeah gets me like that :sob: