What I'm watching


I only watch it over the May Day weekend (for obvious reasons). It gets a year to accumulate the dust that always seems to get in my eyes :disappointed_relieved:


yes … both brilliant actors


Ellie wants to watch Rogue One with me. Slightly shocked as normally she wants as little to do with any other member of the human race as possible, especially aged parents…

So, Rogue One bluray, sound bar and subwoofer it is…

Perhaps popcorn and then Episode IV later…


Just watched Star Wars - The Last Jedi with Sam on bluray, it’s still rubbish :man_facepalming:


Just iplayered this. Really good, still slightly boggled at the helium demonstration.


Watched the last session of the World Snooker Final. An excellent match, and it’s finished early enough to spin a couple of records.


“The pollen count is high tonite dear” or “I’ve something in my eye” are but 2 of the excuses to use tonite when its the return of Car Sosage



Almost at the end of the series


Any good ?


Bit silly but yeah its watchable.


Cheers , might give that a go after I’ve finished peaky blinders


The Rain - Netflix thing.



The Expanse has been canned, the current series (3) will be the last :unamused:


The excellent Norwegian series, The Bridge, starts the final episodes tonight, on BBC 2.


That’s a bloody shame. I really enjoyed it.


Although it might be taken up by someone else, Netflix maybe? :pray:


Sky’s new movie.

I think they missed a word off the title: “event” ?


Mountain on iPlayer. Some stunning footage. One of the best programmes I have seen this year.




Fingers crossed then.


Probably a dumb question but, is it possible to download films/programmes from Netflix/Amazon/BBC iPlayer to a dongle to be played on another device?