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Thanks, but those links are for downloading to laptops, tablets etc. I want to store on a memory stick.


They are configured to make that hard, as it’s against the terms and would facilitate piracy. That said, you can always find a way…


there are ways, but as has been said they are against the T&Cs


This seems to the the tool of choice currently.


Thanks, I will give it a whirl.


Anyone who’s waiting for the F1 highlights later and have a need for motorsport now, stick Quest (freeview) on, historic Monaco :slight_smile:


'Allo 'Allo!


Space stuff on BBC 4.


Weeds, mildly funny, but I do think the strap-on scene was lifted from Shameless.


Just finished the second series of Casa de Papel (Money heist, Netflix)
With a stretch or two of disbelief it’s probably the best thing I’ve seen all year. Relentless in it’s twists, forensic characterization - Decent binge viewing.


New season of Westworld is shaping up nicely.


It’s about


I’ve decided that’s what the weapon / looking back is about!? Just a guess.


Deadpool 2 is fucking ace. The X-Force team going in to battle was simply comedy genius!


I’ve got the original run of Deadpool comics and its a goldmine of comedy, I’m really looking forward to seeing this at some point over the weekend.


I think I might have to squeeze that in over the next few days.


Just watched the first episode of the French Mars sci-fi on BBC4. It’s not very good.


The Young Ones re-made for 2018.

Neil would be a millennial only capable of functioning in a safe space and Rick would be a Corbynista. Vivian would still be Vivian.

Alexei Sayle who played the landlord would be considerably more buy-to-let middle class.

The Damned would still be The Damned.


Watched the first of the new series of Humans last night.

It all seems quite familiar somehow… Racism, prejudice etc etc…


I have just finished netflix Lost in Space series one. It took me at least three episodes to align myself with the specific gender un-stereotyping thing that seems to be a prerequisite of anything new. That said I think I did prefer it overall to the latest Star trek effort.
Also watched Valerian and the city of a thousand Planets. Clearly an expensive movie and a little flawed, I enjoyed it but the main cast or plot depth were not especially memorable. Some great bits did make this a very easy watch - As one reviewer said more fun than Star Wars.